Wednesday, August 22, 2012

5:15 - OR SO

It is necessary to locate the birthplace of the following offering, both in time and in place.  Otherwise it will make less sense than it will already not make.

It was written late in February 1980 while I was living in New York City.  One of the sofas on which I was allowed to "crash" on a regular basis was in an apartment in the SoHo district.  Atop said apartment building, was a splendid rooftop retreat which I visited whenever I could.  One remarkable evening at about "5:15 - or so" I witnessed the setting sun reflecting magnificently from the upper floors of one of the skyscrapers a couple miles uptown from me.

Rainbows are also significant and shall be revisited in later posts.

5:15 --- Or So

The sun shines sharply from
Northern monolithic highlands.
Other glimmering baubles reflract
And reflect
Rainbows in a reminiscing Mind.

Clement warmness,
Unseasonal for February's normal chill
Sends springtime shivers
Through a fevered Mind.

Alone and one.

Urban, beehive sprawl
Splinters northern sunsets into many.

For a time...
...none passes.
Save for The Never-ending Sound Effect:
Vehicular tumult.

Cloudless blue-and-brown hued masking 
Hides the endless velvet violet of Stellar regions from
Optic awareness.

Here, to when "Now" is here,
The panoramic, spectacle
Emblazons and imprints, permanently
A peaceful Mind.

Painful memories remembered
Then filed away: Forgotten,
"Now" becomes the dwelling place of
Northern sunset's mysteries.


For, when reading-thinking-speaking movement ends:
(a transit of a soul's experience)
There is another "Now" to bleach
The stain of Life
Away for one more shot at Eternity... Immortal Mind.

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