Thursday, August 21, 2014

Concrete As Illusion

From The Runner's Path
"Sprained head, here I come."

Just starting to write this hurts...

It appears that I'm running toward something that looks a lot like a concrete wall.

I know that I can make a choice between options of avoidance. 

They are all variations of stopping and changing direction, and their combinations thereof. 

As long as I remain focused on the solid mass which is the assembly of aggregate pebbles, ground limestone mortar, and a heavy modicum of reinforcing steel bars - there's a headache - dead ahead.

One dimensional focus.

Point taken.

But then, I hook a left: 
Suddenly I am at the mercy of 2-dimensional thinking. 
Length. Times. Width.
The length of the wall, and how far I have to go to regain my heading becomes a significant variable - in minutes.

Ther's a MULTIVERSE out there!

Or, I could just ignore the wall. In an alternate reality it does not even exist. Runners run through it on a regular basis. Writers call it a "block" and bombard it with words. A mime would just create a door.

Actually, now that I think about it, this is a picture looking back at the wall I just climbed over.

9,310 we don't need no thought control steps.