Tuesday, August 16, 2011


By Barley Corne
~ With apologies to Robert Frost

SOMETHING there is that doesn't love a scone,
That dreads the gritty dry-mouth taste of it,
And sends the gasping sampler on the run;
A nonfat mocha latte for relief.

The toasted bagel smacks of issue too:
The cream cheese is a needed condiment
And my physician wants me to reduce,
And he would have me using fat free spread,

The flavoring is flat no pleasure there.
So what would be the pastry I prefer?
Confections, I would order, were I free.
And with my neighbor I can gladly share;

A lovely cupcake, frosted.  Even glazed,
And sip a sweetened latte for the prize
Of friendship, as we speak of daily news.
The sugar in our veins begins to drive

Our heartbeats to a quicker stronger pace,
The other customers who can observe
Remark of frosting smeared about our mouths.
The room with sucrose aided sight does glow

It seems the world itself has been refueled
And smiling, shaking hands as we depart,
Perhaps a friendly hug to seal the day;
We only have to keep a secret pact:
To not divulge the content of our snack 
We both agree, "Good cupcakes make good neighbors."

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