Thursday, November 22, 2012

Foul It Is, to be Raised For a Glutton's Feast

(Blatantly Stolen from FaceBook)

Foul it is, to
be raised... so,
that gluttons might
feast; on, but the white
of my breast... while,
they toss the rest!

Millions and millions,
force fed to burst; such
a shame, as a pheasant
or Cornish game hen... would
provide, more that enough...
meat, and gristle; to satiate
even, the most finicky of

Then, there's potatoes, and
yams; steamed and boiled to
distraction, while the "cook" makes
themselves sick; drinking cooking sherry
by the gallon!

Green bean casserole; it's Gramma's
favorite... though, year after year; all
the guests, just hated it! With, carmelized
onions; that "look" like worms, so the
kids tease each other... then, feed
them... to the dog!

The potatoes mashed, always taste
"burned to a crisp"; "but honey,
that's the best part... just
bite down, chew, and swallow it!"

Is it, cranberry jellied; or, more like a
chutney? Guess, I'll just have plenty of
both... and, let the fickle ones; decide on
their own flacid gluttony!

There's always a fight, for the
drumsticks for two... Maybe, someday...
the growers, will develop a turkey
with six to a bird; just for the sake of
making the food pugilists happy!

Gravy, always comes in two styles...
cold, clammy, and greasy... or, tasteless,
clumpy and lumpy; tasting, alternately...
of grease or of pork!

Stuffing, stuffing, who wants stuffing... goes
the cry 'cross the table; there's just a little that
was in the bird, but several oven baked pans...

Hey! Keep those OFF the table! Then, there's
corn and peas; in separate bowls... that,
make the kids always giggle; as they roll off
the table!

Then, there's dinner rolls; and both sweet
and salt butter tabs... take more than two
per roll, and "suffer extra holes in belts, and
double roll abs!"

Sweet potatoes, baked with marshmallow clumps;
look like "dead eyes", staring into the void... oh,
what a ghostly repast!

So... what did I forget, besides the desert treats?
Somebody please tell me, before somebody blesses
this feast!

Oh, beverages... help yourself... There's glasses, on
a separate table; along with silver bowls filled with
ice; "please! USE the tongs!" There's sodas and wines,
and juices galore; please "pour slowly"... don't want, a
sticky floor!

Somebody please, say grace... then "help yourself"! I'm
already full, 'cause I tasted everything; while playing at
gourmet chef! Breeeeep! Oooops! I'm just saluting all
of you'res health! *Sigh! L'triptophan, lead me to sleep!*


2012 Copyright Zed Null & Word Hack, Ltd.
Feel free to copy and share, provided nothing is changed; and this accreditation remains attached!

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