Saturday, August 18, 2012


~ By Barley Corne

Did you really just call me "Whoever You Are"?
It seems so unlike you to me.
I'm sorry I woke you from trying to sleep.
It was well after noon. Excuse me!

I thought I was more than "Whoever You Are".
I could be mistaken, I guess.
And yet, I am left here to stare at the phone
My ego is bruised, I confess.

It's possible Darlin', whoever you are,
I needed a friend on the line.
Your brand of rejection, I take pretty hard.
It's usually not a good sign.

I just wanted a minute, whoever I was,
To give you the news of the day.
It's not like I called for no reason at all.
I knew what I wanted to say.

So why did you call me "Whoever You Are"?
Why'd you bother to answer the call?
You could have just let your machine pick it up.
Since that's why it's there after all.

My Budweiser's flat'ning, whatever that is.
This evening has gone rather long.
It's late and I have to start early at work
I guess I should wrap up this song.

Whoever I was, I was someone you knew
Whatever I did, did it really hurt you?
However I thought we had something to share.
Now I don't really think that you care...

I'll call in the morning, whenever that is.
And possibly talk to you then.
If I can be more than "Whoever You Are"
Then maybe I'll call you again.

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